Our chemists are the difference.

In 2004, the Dentsply Caulk chemists were given a challenge. To first find out why flowable composites couldn’t be bulk-filled without marginal integrity issues, microleakage, post-op sensitivity and the formation of white lines around the restoration. Once they isolated the polymerization stress as the issue, they moved on to finding out how to eradicate it by doing what chemists do – research, experimentation, observation, trial and error and putting in countless hours in the lab. The process was exciting and occasionally frustrating. In the end, our team delivered our biggest breakthrough ever – SDR (Stress Decreasing Resin) Technology.

Xiaoming Jin
Technical Team Leader
Inventor of SDR™ Technology

“We are very excited about our findings. A dramatic reduction in polymerization stress of flowable composite is a breakthrough for dental clinicians and for their patients. My job has been to involve in New Resin Platform Development for dental restoratives, SDR™ technology is one of such efforts. I think the biggest challenge was how to effectively transform a cutting-edge technology into breakthrough dental products.”

Bernard Koltisko
Director of Research & Development

“As Director of Research and Development, I was the head of our experienced and talented team. It’s been a lot of hard work, but very rewarding. The key to this development is Xiaoming’s creativity in synthetic chemistry and Skip’s and Qizhou’s expertise in formulation and testing. In the last few years, we’ve synthesized dozens of model polymers, and conducted hundreds of tests to measure and evaluate stress using an ADA/NIST Tensometer. The result was the development of SDR™ resin with low polymerization stress."

Skip Bertrand
Research Technician

“I’ve been involved with SDR™ from the project’s inception. Under Xiaoming Jin, I synthesized more than two hundred experimental resins, formulated and evaluated them in more than a thousand composite pastes. Since July 2005, I have focused entirely on the development of SDR. The journey has been challenging and fulfilling. I am proud of my part in developing SDR™, and I’m proud to have served with all members of the SDR™ team. I hope that dentists around the world appreciate the unique features and benefits we have been able to design into the product with both patient and doctor in mind.”

Qizhou Dai
Research Scientist

“I have been working on the SDR project for more than three years. My primary duties included formulation, testing, regulatory filing and technical documents. It has been a wonderful experience to work with this team. For me, the best moment is when dentists show great interest in this new product and feel that this new product is of great help to their clinical work."